Any shopping experience with

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Any shopping experience with

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Dear all,

After all my research and hours spent on youtube and internet reviews, I pulled the trigger and ordered Rancillio Silvia from last week.

The product was in stock (still) and I thought that it should be delivered in couple of days.
The problem is that they haven't shipped the product yet (after a week) and they haven't replied my email about the shipment status today.

I am not sure If it is all about Corona spread or is it the normal service period of the company.
I am just bit frustrated as checking my emails once in every hour If there is an update or not.

Do you have any experience with this dealer ?

Thank you
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Re: Any shopping experience with

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No experience, but did you call them? There is a number on the website...

PS: This is a dutch forum... please try to write in dutch.
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Re: Any shopping experience with

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Iemand wel ervaring met deze site/winkel ?
Ziet er goed uit maar ook veel tegenstrijdigheden.
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